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Our Vision

We are determined to achieve financial security for both you and your family.


Our Mission Statement

We will do this by continually providing you with personalised advice and dynamic financial strategies that will help you to create, manage and protect your wealth.


It is a partnership in success.


We use reputable financial products, services (and service providers) to deliver outstanding levels of customer service.


Achieving Financial Security

There are many reasons why a person may decide to seek the advice of a financial advisor. One reason may be for guidance on how they can become financially secure today and in their retirement.


So how do we assist people in gaining the freedom to do what they want, when they want?


One way we suggest, is to develop a passive income. This is an income stream that you don’t have to physically work to gain it. To quote the actor Michael Cain “When I go to bed at night I do so with a smile as I know while I’m sleeping I am earning an income”.


To achieve such an income we need to grow an asset which will enable us to become financially secure.


The path to this is to develop a plan taking into account:

  • Where you are now
  • What you already have
  • Where you want to be

Assuming that by the time you are 65 years of age you want to be financially secure, we have ‘X’ number of years to invest on which we must get a return. If by chance we don’t get these years, we will need to guard this earning capacity by way of insurance. To this end, a Personal Risk Audit will be completed, enabling us to protect your earning capacity so that we have the time to attain your financial security.


Having completed the audit and insured your earning capacity, we then need to look at building up assets which usually consist of:

  1. Personal Assets (e.g. house)
  2. Business Assets (e.g. goodwill)

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what these assets total up to. What’s more important are the strategies you implement to have the best chance of achieving Financial Security. As every individual’s situation is different, their financial decisions will be based on different factors so there is no right or wrong approach. The best tactic is to act early to give yourself the best opportunity for financial success.


Achieving financial security is the process of Wealth Creation through which financial security is not a maximum but a minimum. This means that our wealth building should keep growing or at best maintain a straight line. We do not want it to decline as if it does then so does our financial security.


In summary, there are three primary steps in achieving financial security.

  • Putting a Personal Risk Audit in place so that as far as it being realistic, we will lock your years of earning capacity in place and protect this capacity so that we have the time to achieve your financial security.
  • Try to establish a strategy tailored to building up your assets – whether they be:
    • Real Estate or
    • Business

(For example if you are self-employed should you be looking at milking the cow or should you be building it up, by fattening the calf).

  • Finally we will put a plan in place, which basically takes care of your personal assets and fills the gap.

i.e - Personal Assets +?= Financial Security


I hope this is sufficient information to encourage you on the path to financial security.