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758 High Street Thornbury

Melbourne VIC 3071

Why Us?


GMB Infinity will take you from where you are to where you deserve to be.

Our main priority is to help people no different to you, take back control of their financial security, as we are all too well aware what it takes to create-

  • Wealth
  • To grow it
  • Protect it

We understand the financial stress, confusion and lack of direction that you and so many others are or may be feeling in our day to day. As your advisor, we will help to minimise the stress and empower you to make more informed financial decisions, it really is a partnership in success.


We achieve the above by providing our clients with tailored Financial Superannuation and Investment advice.

In a nut shell we are here to help you with all things financial: from helping you manage your money better, protecting your income, helping you making better investment decisions, ensuring your money works harder for you, all the way through to planning for and attaining financial security.


Because everyone has unique needs and wants, our financial advice is provided with your individual goals in mind.


Our Difference



We deliver Financial Advice in plain English - without the jargon! Our aim is to ensure you understand every strategy we recommend, what it involves and what the ideal outcome is.


You maintain control and ownership of all investments

We are only your trusted adviser and, as such you maintain full control and ownership of all your money and investments.


GMB Infinity will never ever hold any money or investments in trust or on your behalf.


Personalised Advice and Service

We deliver personalised advice tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with you during the early fact finding stage of developing your financial plan and strategy, we also work with you to gain a thorough understanding of what is important to you, what your goals are and the level of investment risk you are comfortable with.


Our commitment to your Financial security will require us to meet with you regularly to review your circumstances, and provide ongoing investment recommendations and modify your financial strategy as your needs change.


It is an ongoing relationship as we work together towards achieving your financial security.


Independently owned Licensee

Our licensee, Capstone Financial Planning, is an independently owned and operated organisation meaning they are not owned by a fund manager, insurance company or other financial institution. This association allows choice, flexibility and autonomy in our advice, ensuring we have a broad range of financial planning solutions for you and are focussed on providing you with the best possible solution.